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Merryn Henderson - A very Senior Copywriter

Ian is a rogue. Of all the professionals I’ve worked with, he’s the one that’s stood firm and said ‘No, that’s not good enough,’ most often. Challenging ideas, getting the best from people he works with, moving mountains as well as boundaries to make sure his clients are getting not only what they want, but work that will do the right job for them – often two completely different things.

The old phrase ‘a gentleman and a scholar’ also holds true: he’s got great depths of character (important in our game), boundless wit (also vital), and seems to have endless enthusiasm for what he knows is simply ‘the right way’ to get something done properly. It must be experience that gives him the authority to make judgement calls like that, because luck doesn’t deliver the results that he does. 

His opinion may not always be sit comfortably alongside the main stream of thought, but when it comes to talking about overcoming hurdles in order to achieve great things, prepare yourself for a great conversation. I recommend that anyone who has half a chance, listens to him.

David Neale - Brand Evangelist, Whitespace Studios 

I first met Ian when I was working in a sales/marketing role, and the company I worked for contracted him to help us with our branding mission. One of the best things I liked about him was how no nonsense his approach to marketing was/is. His manner is friendly and open, yet professional and consistent. 

Ian's years of experience have given him the ability to provide well thought out advice on marketing trends. Not only that, his input and guidance on constructing a brand around more than just a logo is worth its weight in gold.

Over the past 2+ years, Ian and I have regularly met and he has been a real mentor to me as I have grown in experience within the sales and marketing world. His openness and willingness to share are something that have helped me carve my own path.

I am lucky enough to consider Ian a man whom has gone from business acquaintance to a good friend - and with that has come a wealth of know-how that only first-hand experience can bring. Downside to Ian is he is a Spurs fan. No one's perfect I guess.

Eva Krydowska - Senior Manager, Innovation, Lloyds Bank

An exceptionally gifted creative, with a rare 360degrees vision. His work shifts perceptions and unfailingly delivers on the demands of business, brand, consumer and creative. Smart, witty, inspiring; he is both a confident people leader and a spirited team player.

Camilla Morgan - Senior Copywriter

Ian was fantastic to work with and for; his Google-like knowledge of the market and subject matter was refreshing, and he really pushed for ideas that would challenge and excite the client. Plus of course, there's the bone dry wit that makes him a pleasure to be around (and no, he didn't pay me to write that bit). I'd have no hesitation in recommending him as a top class creative, and an all-round good bloke

Bhav Vyas - Technical Project Manager

Ian is a fantastic guy to work alongside. The briefs that he produces are tight, and cover aspects that I had never thought of. He has a creative vision that many would struggle to match, and he gets involved in all aspects of the process, and is able to communicate his ideas clearly and concisely, whilst at the same time, leaving an air of mystery about them. Have no hesitation to recommend Ian, and hope to work alongside him in the future.

Darren Fry - Creative Director

I first met Ian (the CD) starting out on my career when he was in charge of a very large creative department at McCann Communications.
He is however a lot more than a creative director. Planners, suits, strategists, financial geeks, watch out, this man can do your job 
in his sleep. Very sharp, funny and always a pleasure to work with.Ian-"The one man integrated agency"

Lorenzo Ali - Lorenzo Photograhy

Not only is Ian an excellent Creative Director with a fantastic eye, he's also one of a rare breed of Creative Directors with an acute commercial awareness of both the client and agency's requirements and an excellent motivator of the teams that work for him.

Ian's advertising experience spans from the days of more traditional TV, Print and Radio (both above and below the line) and onward into the digital age. This gives Ian an in depth expertise and an uncanny ability to produce superior creative work that's not only award winning but actually answers the clients brief and achieves results as well. I'd have no hesitation in recommending Ian to Ad agencies and Marketing Directors alike.

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